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About Author Diana L. Guerrero

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Animal behaviorist, Diana L. Guerrero "fell" into writing after a fall from the top of a zoo hay barn. Synchronistic events kept her writing for pet and animal related magazines, journals, and newspapers. Soon she landed several book projects. She is a columnist for a variety of publications and is happy to share her passion and expertise of the animal world with readers around the globe. Guerrero resides in the mountains of southern California and is represented by the New York Literary Agency, Bykofsky & Associates.

Serious and Silly

Although Guerrero is a professional speaker and animal coach to the world--the "Ark Lady" also has a silly side. Her passion for animals makes her an "auntie" to a multitude of wild and domestic critters. Guerrero decided it would be best to spoil her "nieces and nephews" after the recent losses of her beloved critters. Although she misses her furry and feathered friends, living without household pets allows her the freedom to travel without worrying about animals left home alone. She knows almost all the dogs in the town where she lives and many join her on her early morning ambles.

In the spring and summer Guerrero consults and trains animals. Her favorite fall and winter activities involve writing and adventures in the snow covered mountains where she lives. She says that wild creatures show up on her deck and demand that she take a break if she stays in too long.

Raccoons frolick on her deck, squirrels scamper over to try and get her to relent on her "do not feed the wildlife" rule, and bird dramas often occur in the treetops around her. One Steller jay seems to have a crush on her, ff he can't see her, he hops around until he can locate her and sometimes pecks on the window to get her attention.

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