What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality

Index of What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality (ISBN 1893361845)

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Table of Contents What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality

Preface: Becoming a Spiritual Animal
Introduction: Following the Animal Tracks to Spirituality

1. Loyalty of the Dog
Bringing Out the Best in Each Other
Choosing a Life of Integrity
Stewardship Is Not Domination
Living in the Now
Moving Beyond Fear
The Fear Response
Helping One Another

2. Playfulness of the Otter
Healing Through Life Experiences
Honoring One Another
Going with the Flow

3. Power of the Polar Bear
Adapting to the Environment
Adopting Right Action
Moving Through Fear into Appreciation

4. Heart of the Lion
Out of Every Adversity Comes Something of Equal or Greater Value
Common Struggles, Common Bonds
Living by Example
Finding Center Balance on the Pendulum Swing

5. Call of the Wolf
Tuning In Instead of Tuning Out
Surrendering to Divine Energy
Embracing Change Positively
Listening to the Unspoken
Clearing Through Confession
Unconditional Acceptance
Tuning Into Nature

6. Vision of the Eagle
Using Our Own Intuitive Gifts
Focusing On Our Inner Sight
Entering the Universal Flow
Mindfulness Matters

7. Mind of the Dolphin
Moving in Harmony
Making Time to Play
Remembering to Breathe

8. Wisdom of the Owl
Changing and Expanding Your Perspective
Breaking Convention to Create New Traditions
Deeper Understanding Through Awareness
Animal Social Styles
Animal Etiquette 101
Watching and Listening
Paying Attention to Animals
Sometimes You Get It, Sometimes You Don't
Being Open and Receptive to Other Types of Information
Moving Animals From Group Consciousness to Individuality
Acknowledging Your Hunches, Taking Action, and Trying New Techniques
Using Your Imagination and Creativity

Afterword: Creatures of the Divine
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