What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality

Mind of the Dolphin Chapter of What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality (ISBN 1893361845)

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Mind of the Dolphin

Mind of the Dolphin is chapter seven of What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality. It encourages us to probe the topics of harmony, synchronicity, and the importance of breathing. Our conductors include both domestic and wild animals.

Excerpt from Mind of the Dolphin:

"Early mornings on the ocean speak to my soul. When out on the sea, I connect with a deep sense of calm and quiet expectation. Perhaps that is why water symbolizes the subconscious or deeper levels of the mind, as well as emotions. On this particular morning the water was calm and I quickly spotted whale footprints: large impressions on the surface of the water made by the tail flukes of a whale as it dived. This was a good sign, and we quickly picked up the trail of several leviathans. The whales surfaced and traveled in a relaxed formation; one breached over and over again, leaping high out of the water and then returning to the marine environment with a large splash. So far it had been an exceptional whale watch, because we had witnessed an assortment of behaviors and many different whales.

The face of the ocean was smooth, and the only breeze was the one created by the forward movement of the boat as we pulled away from the group of whales. As the morning blanket of fog was chased away by the early afternoon sun, the surface of the water glimmered like diamonds, and a new buzz of excitement quickly spread through the onlookers..."

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